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Every participant needs a signed Safety Agreement that is valid on the day of each visit. When signed online or at our on-park kiosks they are valid for 12 months, so you don’t have to sign every visit. UNDER 18’s need an Agreement signed by THEIR parent or legal guardian – nobody else can sign. By signing for your children you are also signing for yourself, even if you don’t intend to participate.

FOR FIRST TIME VISITORS: Sign your first Agreement by clicking one of the buttons below and if you need to sign for you children, it’s a good idea to add all your children in one go. Once you’ve signed online you’ll be sent an email with a copy – keep this safe.

FOR RETURNING VISITORS: Find the last signed Safety Agreement we emailed you and make sure that it is still in-date FOR THE DATE OF YOUR NEXT VISIT and make sure that it includes all your children that are participating. If in doubt, sign a new one online before arriving to avoid delays.

FOR GROUPS & PARTIES: Group and party organisers should sure make that everyone participating has a valid Agreement BEFORE they arrive to avoid delays at check-in.

ALL participants need GRAVITY SAFETY SOCKS. Buy socks online or bring your good condition, clean GRAVITY SOCKS if you already have them. Sm or Md for under 10's, Lg or XXL for adults

ARRIVE 20-30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME Every time you check in for an activity, our staff must check that you have a valid waiver and safety socks, and you’ll need to watch our safety video. Arrive at least 20 minutes before your booked time; 30 mins before at peak times. Bring your booking reference number and waiver number to speed things up.



Online Safety Agreement